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Good Morning Beautiful People
Hello Beautiful People! Yes, YOU! You beautiful, kind, loving, nurturing, fun, intelligent, cool, sexy single men and women! Welcome to my blog! This is a blog I started to segway into some very important topics in life that I have wanted to write about and share with the world for almost 10 years……Love, Health, Happiness, Joy, Peace and Success. I am slightly over 40 years in age (yes, slightly…don’t you know a girl never reveals her age? ;)) and I am single! Yes, you read that right, SINGLE!!! Never married and I do not have any children of my own…..YET! This site is also a way to share my optimism of one day having all of the dreams that I speak of come true; but most importantly to be heard by those who share in my experiences and understand just what it is like to be living the single life slightly over 40. It is also to share the most important aspect of being over 40, single and childless (not by choice), and the unfortunate grief that is all too consuming when this happens. Yes, finding happiness, purpose and satisfaction in life as a single woman or man and the acceptance of the harsh reality of never actually finding love, can be a true paradox and a very painful experience. My greatest hope is that this blog will be a forum for single men and women to gather and support each other in the best way possible. I believe singles need a much bigger voice in this world and I don’t think we get half of the recognition of our struggles, pains and disappointments that we deserve! Not to mention the physical and psychological impact it has on us as human beings; often spilling into our work life and the way we interact and respond to the world in general. Just like mothers, fathers, couples, divorced men and women, and widowers all come together as a community, singles need to come together too. This might even be a way to meet someone and if that happens, I will be so happy that this brought two or more beautiful single people together! If you have been on every dating site imaginable or set up with Mr. or Mrs. Wrong time and time again and you are tired and need a place to vent…… and rest…..here I am, and here WE are! 😉 Let’s DO THIS together!

Much love,


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